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Hotline FAQ

What is Integrated Crisis Management?

Many people think of a hotline service as just someone to answer the phone and call the cops, or whoever. Rodny Direct is far more than that. Your initial call to Rodny Direct frequently results in a cascade of followup calls - to direct the responders to your location, to call your emergency contacts, to followup with you, make more calls to arrange translation, etc. A typical "case" might last for hours, days or weeks as needed. Rodny is always there for you, day or night, to help with you manage your crisis. 

What are the hours of operation?

The Rodny DIrect Hotline operates 24/7 365 days a year.

What areas are covered by the Rodny Direct Hotline? 

The Rodny Direct Hotline service is available for all of Panama

Is the Rodny Direct Hotline bi-lingual?


How should I program my phone for quick access?

The most effective way to keep your Hotline number handy is to program a number like: AARodny[your ID number here] and the and the private member's only phone number.

What happens when I call Rodny?

You will be asked for your Resident ID and password. That will allow Rodny to access your personal information if needed. He will then do his best to resolve the immediate issue, talking with someone standing in front of you, calling police or ambulance or tow truck as needed. After the initial call, he will follow up as needed to make sure your situation is resolved successfully. If you call for an ambulance, for example, you may call him back to work with the driver in Spanish, then later on, hospital personnel. He is always there for you when you need him.

Can Rodny save me from a traffic ticket?

It depends. For a routine radar speeding ticket, not likely. However, if you are being pushed for a bribe and don't want to pay it, by all means call Rodny and hand the phone to the officer. Rodny has the direct contact with the Policia National Department of Internal Investigations and will ask the officer for his badge number. Once he is involved, the bribe attempt will most probably be abandoned. 

How does Rodny get the police or ambulance to my house? 

Your Resident ID profile, securely stored in our database, contains detailed instructions - provided by you - that he can use to guide first responders. All of the police and bomberos know Rodny and his service. When he calls, they make every effort to respond quickly, since they know his calls have been screened and are real emergencies. They also love that he can guide them to the destination. 

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