Why Every Expat - Newcomer and Old Timer - Needs Rodny Direct Emergency Services

This WAS your life in the US, Canada or Europe

Most of us expats lived our whole lives in places where we understood the language, culture, customs and bureaucracy. We were comfortable in any situation and knew who to call in an emergency - if your car broke down, call AAA in the US or CAA in Canada. Call 911 for almost any emergency. 

This IS your life in Panama

Panama is a beautiful and peaceful country. However:

  • Most expats don't understand the language well, or at all.
  • We did not grow up with Panamanian customs and culture.
  • We don’t know the laws 
  • The bureaucracy is a hopeless muddle, even for those with passable Spanish.
  • There is no AAA or expat-friendly 911. 

What could possibly go wrong? When Speed Bumps Become Mt. Everest

  • At a routine traffic stop the cops are threatening to tow your car away and put you in jail. Who can intervene on your behalf?
  • A fender bender in a parking lot escalates to a confrontation thanks to lack of understanding. You need a translator - fast.
  • A flat tire on the the highway leaves you stranded, vulnerable and helpless. Who do you call for help?
  • Your spouse is having a heart attack at 4am. Who do you call to get an ambulance quickly? How will you describe in Spanish, exactly where you are? How do you alert the hospital?
  • You wake up at night with burglars breaking into you house - quick, which police do you call and how do you tell them where you are? In Spanish.

To tame Mt. Everest, you need a Sherpa - an expert guide. You need Rodny.

Your family subscription to Rodny Direct should be an essential part of your expat life. Just like car or health insurance, you hope never to need it, but one event can easily save ten times what you have paid, if not your very life or the life of a loved one.

With your unique Rodny Direct house number and secure emergency profile on tap, Rodny can manage any crisis you might encounter and get help to you when you need it - fast. 

For the last five years, Rodny has provided legendary emergency service and followup to the citizens of Boquete and beyond. Your coverage is not just in your home or in Boquete, but anywhere you might be traveling in Panama. 

All for $80* per year for your entire family, about the price of two tanks of gas for your car, or 22 cents a day, about 1/5 of a cup of coffee.

*For the first year only, there is an additional $10 fee to cover printing costs for your house number.

100% of your subscription goes directly to Rodny. Help Rodny and help yourself at the same time. 

Click here to subscribe now, for your peace of mind. 

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