August 24, 2018

Rodny Direct Member Health Benefits

RodnyDirect members have benefitted from discounts for medical procedures and medicines from Hospital Mae Lewis since January 2017.

  • Radiology: 20% of the list price.
  • Laboratorium – lab tests: 20% of the list price.
  • Emergency room: 20 of the list price.
  • Pharmacy: 22% of the list price
Jubilados get the regular jubilado medical discount of 15%, but Rodny Direct members get an extra member discount of 5% for medical procedures (Scans. Lab fees,  MRI etc.) and hospital stays and room rates.

Also for Jubilados, drugs from the Mae Lewis hospital pharmacy will be at the regular 20% discount plus an additional 2% for RodnyDirect members. For a total of 22% discount.

While this a good deal for jubilados, this is a great deal for those who do not qualify for the jubilado discounts

One procedure, such as an MRI, could save you more than the $80 annual fee that it costs you to belong to RodnyDirect

As a requirement from Mae Lewis administration, You will need to show a card from my website that proves your membership is active. For this purpose, you will find a printable membership card containing all your information in your personal profile. Show the card before your bill is made. Also please email us about your experience with the discount so we can keep a record of the benefits you get.  

All physician fees are negotiated by the physicians themselves with their patients. As always, it is better to negotiate beforehand rather than after the fact.

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