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No one has a better handle on what is going on with crime in our communities than Rodny.

Rodny Member Alerts are emailed directly to our members before being released to other news outlets. In some cases, Rodny Reports will only be available to Rodny Direct members. 

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Members are invited to ask questions directly about subjects of concern and receive prompt attention.

I would love to hear from all my friends in Boquete and all of Chiriqui. Questions, comments, testimonials for my website, ideas whatever. My email door is always open. 

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Cindy Crawford Thomas

Rodny has saved us twice in our years here. He dealt with the police last year when we were robbed. There's is no way we knew enough Spanish, especially under stress, to handle this situation. The second time was a few months ago regarding a neighborhood problem. He knows the law, the correct people to contact and all was handled quickly and efficiently. Thank you Rodny Fabio Moreno Fuentes

From the Visatante, August 2014 - Helpline Operator is an Inspiration to All
Note that since then, Neighbors Helping Neighbors has become the Panama Helpline. A short exceprt:
Jeff Scher owner/operator of Panama AV and a sponsor of NHN as well as a member of their board of directors said that he was “proud to know Rodny and very comfortable and extremely confident with his abilities and inspired by the service that he provides.”

Betty Morin, the treasurer of NHN, said that Moreno “is a shining example of what people can do if they have a positive attitude. While we have other operators, what we’re trying to do would be much more difficult without the backbone of our operation.”

A few months ago, our water supply was suddenly and completely shut off. Our tank was not filling, so we suspected that it was a problem in the line and most likely outside our property. We called the property manager who wanted to help, but did not know whom to call to fix the problem.  However, she did know what number to call to find out who would know!  Rodny is very familiar with almost everyone in El Banco and Potrerillos (where we live.) A quick call and, in a matter of hours, our water was restored.  In Panama, that kind of positive and speedy outcome might be compared to a miracle. So grateful that Rodny knows how to make things happen!

Ed and Sue Davis
Potrerillos Arriba

Hi Rodney,

We are so proud of you for the work that you do and thankful that you are able to provide such a valuable service.  Even from those that you don't hear from, or those that have not yet subscribed, know that you are appreciated.  

Chao,   Karen Walter​

The service RodnyDirect is a blessing for us and we are very happy to pay $6.60 a month for it.  How much are you paying for gasoline for your car?   $80/year is affordable.  We know how well the service works when we called Rodny when a neighbor had a home invasion.  Rodny eliminates all the nerves that get activated when you or your neighbor are in crisis.  We speak Spanish well enough to get by on the phone....but on that day we were in a state of shock and so was the victim who is a Panamanian.  None of us were in any condition to be making important calls.  Rodny took over.   He was efficient and as well followed up with calls to us to keep us posted on how the assistance was proceeding.  

If you like it...fine, sign up.  If you don't like it....don't. We vote YES with a loud voice.  - B & A in Brisas

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