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Resident ID

The permanent number assigned to you by  Rodny Direct when you subscribe. It belongs to you, not to your house, so you can take it with you wherever you move to in Chiriqui. Of course, it is also helpful even for roadside assistance or medical emergencies when you are not at home.

Residence District

What part of Chiriqui do you live in. For example, the District of Boquete

Residence Location/area

Which town and neighborhood do you live in

Directions to your house

This one is very important to get right. Be brief but precise. Try driving your directions as if following them. Try them at night. An example might  be: Cross the bridge in the center of Boquete, turn left at the Feria, past the Ladera hotel, 100 meters turn right up the hill on Jaramillo road. 1 kilometer across the bridge with no railing, 300 meters up the hill on the right. House number XXXX

Profile Picture

Possible but not necessary

Names of others at residence

Pretty obvious. If you have a guest for an extended stay, put them in. 

Anyone at your resident with special medical needs?

Again, pretty obvious. 


If you live in a gated community with an automated entry system, include the passcode so that emergency services can actually get to your house in a timely manner. 

Car License

Model, make and license of your car(s). If you come out of Pricesmart and your car isn't where you left it, call Rodny and just tell him it is missing. No need to remember your license number. You might even want to put the VIN number in the database.

Last Will and Testament

Many people die unexpectedly without letting anyone know where their will is located and/or who is the executor. This can lead to possibly years of turmoil and conflict. Put this information here for safe keeping. 

Utility Account Number (NIS)

Your Union Fenosa bill will have a customer number (NIS) in yellow at the upper left. This is useful in case of an electrical outage. Generally you don't need to call them in, but if you do and don't speak Spanish, this is the information needed for Rodny to call in for you.

Emergency Contacts

These can be friends, family, neighbors etc. Include people outside of Panama if necessary. List as many as you feel you need.

Local Physician Contact info

More than one if necessary

Lawyer Contact info

More than one if necessary

Pets Emergency Contact info

Suppose you get stuck in David for some reason. Who can come over and take care of your pets for you? 

Special instructions and information

Anything not covered above that you would like Rodny to know in the event of an emergency

The rest are self explanatory

Any questions? Email info@rodnydirect.com

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