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In a crisis, your first call to Rodny Direct starts a process of crisis management, which may result in many calls being made on your behalf to police, fire, medical or automotive resources. He checks back with you to confirm results, often for hours, days or weeks after, until your case is resolved. His hot line and access to your information work together with his extensive database of community resources to provide a uniquely valuable crisis management service that can save your time, money, health and even life itself. 

Rodny Direct Hotline Benefits Explained

Bi-lingual emergency operator 24/7/365

When the barbarians are at your gate and you need to call the police at 4AM, and you don’t speak Spanish, which police do you call and how do you describe to them where you live? Call Rodny Direct and give him your ID number - he knows where you live and can send the police directly. 

When you are rear-ended by a Panamanian bus on the Interamericana and the bus driver is screaming at you that it is your fault, what do you do? Call Rodny Direct

This is why you need Rodny Direct, the fully bi-lingual, intelligent hotline. 

Medical emergencies

What happens when your husband has a heart attack on the way to David? In fact the first call Rodny’s Boquete Hotline received over three years ago was just this. He knows all the ambulance services, police and bomberos by first name and knows how they work. 

When you first call, this is just the beginning. He thinks ahead for what you might need, calls necessary people and agencies, consults your resident ID profile and contacts whoever might be necessary. If you are going to be stuck in David, or Panama City, he will call your house sitter and pet sitter. 

911 can only dream about this kind of service - made possible by the trust Rodny enjoys with the community and the security of your personal information. 

Crime Reporting

Rodny frequently receives crime reports. He can alert his members in the neighborhood so that they can prevent becoming victims too. 

In addition, you can call Rodny if you feel you are the victim of improper police actions, like asking for a bribe. Rodny works with the Department of Internal Affairs and will assist you to make a complaint related to an improper police action. 

Roadside Assistance

What do you do when your car breaks down between Panama and Santiago at 6PM? This happened to a couple from Valle Escondido bringing their car back from customs in Panama City. Rodny found a mechanic willing to come out at night and help them. Then he spoke with a truck driver also broken down nearby, who took the gringos under his wing. When the truck driver moved their car to a police station, Rodny coordinated with the en-route mechanic. They were home in Boquete before midnight.

Emergency Translation

Even if you speak passible Spanish, there are times when you need help. A cop pulls you over and is yelling something about jail and towing your car away. Maybe he expects a bribe? Should you offer it, or will he arrest you if you do? This is when you need Rodny Direct. 

Step away from the conversation, open your contact list to the first listing, AARodny XXXX-XXXX. Make the call and hand the phone to the screamer. One bribe avoided could easily save you more than the subscription to Rodny Direct.

Your personal secure online profile

The Rodny Direct Personal Profile is a professional secure online system stores your important emergency information

You decide what information is important to store and only you can access and change your information

Nobody has access except the Hotline operator and a supervising administrator. 

Accuracy and privacy is assured because nobody except you can change the information in the database. 

A REAL house number

With your subscription, if you pay additional $ 10.00,  you will receive a durable unique house number plaque to put on the outside of your house. This will make it easier for first responders to find your residence with confidence. And your friends too.

Detailed information needed in an emergency

In an emergency, 911 operators would love to have the kind of information that our Rodny Direct operator has at his fingertips. 

Drug information, allergies, critical weaknesses, anything and everything can be stored in your Personal Profile. In the critical minutes after an accident or debilitating attack, this information relayed to the doctors could save a life - and has.

Detailed directions for first responders

Of course, there are no street names or house numbers in this part of Panama. When you really, really need someone to find you and are in a panic, how do you describe the route - in Spanish. 

The Rodny Direct Resident Personal Profile was designed to solve exactly this problem. You put the detailed directions into your personal profile and the Rodny Direct operator can dispatch emergency responders for you. 

You pick up the phone, say “This is number 161, I need an ambulance, my wife has broken her leg.” That’s all. The ambulance will be dispatched and directed to your house whether you speak Spanish or not. 

Include family contacts, pet care, medications and more

While your Personal Profile suggests including information that might be important, you are free to include any and all information that you think is important - like the name and number of the person to call to make sure your cat or dog gets fed. 

You can include medical contacts, of course, but also detailed information about drugs you need or are allergic to, medical conditions that need attention - whatever is important. This information could save your or your family member’s life. 

We are now also including information such as the location of your last will and testament, executor, car make and license, utility customer number and the name and contact info for your lawyer - all of which could be vital in an emergency.

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